I.T. Consultancy


I.T. Consultancy always seems to be a non-descriptive term. What does it mean?

It means that you have started your business with a passion for what you do and it may or probably doesn’t include I.T. so you grab I.T. as it comes along. Laptops, printers, routers and Broadband. Masses of USB drives and files scattered to the 4 winds. My passion is to see small business’s use tech and the latest tech to carry out business better and smarter than ever before. I would be the consultant and look at where you are and what you do and have a look around at what you could be using and how you could be doing it smarter. Taking into consideration costs, the current state of the organisation and your future potential. This means you don’t have to be an I.T. consultant as well as all your other jobs.

So what do I offer?

  • Look at what you have in place just now.
  • I would endeavour to understand what it is you actually do
  • I would glean from you where you hope to be in the future
  • I could then approach some contacts I have and put together a plan for your technology usage at that moment and how it could grow into the future.

What are the benefits for you?

You don’t have to allocate the time to go and find out what is out there and what is coming out soon. You don’t have to get one company in that might just, “tut” and sell you what you don’t need.

Releasing you from the burden of keeping up and knowing that you have the best kit for what you are doing just now and what you will need in the future.

If you fancy a chat get in touch and we can at least have a coffee and bounce ideas around. Coffee is always a good starting point.

Project Plan Assistance


Don’t take our word for it, here are some testimonials from some of our clients. This client asked us to come in and have a chat and then carry out a Silver I.T. Needs Survey on what they had in place and give some short term solutions and longer-term considerations. “We contacted Ian as we …

IT Usage Policy

I.T. Usage and Renewal Policy

As a small business, can I ask you a question? Do you have an I.T. Usage Policy? A policy about how staff use equipment and how equipment is looked after, maintained and replaced. We are asked often about creating a policy for a client and including what is relevant to them. Good news we can do this …

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