I.T. Systems Maintenance and Cover

systems coverI have a computer and I need a mechanic.

Once you have the correct I.T. in place sometimes the issues are keeping it up to date and curing any problems that may arise. Email stops working, the printer has decided to not work. Laptops won’t log in. The network is just not behaving. This isn’t your business so why do you think you can handle all this as well as running your business?

Again I can help, through associates and contacts with skills and qualifications in their field, I can get the correct cover for you and your systems. Once agreed a retainer can be paid to make sure you are covered at all times. Even if remote help is needed.

Leaving you to carry on with your business and not worry about things you shouldn’t be focussed on.

Again nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Let’s have a  chat.


Client I.T. Support Packages

I offer a range of packages to meet the widest company setups. Choose from any of the options below: – Then get in touch and we will come and chat it over with you and sign you up. Please fill in our contact form if you want me to contact you with regard to any of these …


Computer Technology Re seller

I am also connected to supply companies that can offer a large range of IT technology Here are some of the areas I can get information and hardware on. Desktops/ Laptops Servers (in House or in the cloud) Network systems/ WiFi Routers and Switches Comms

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