So what is an I.T. Needs Survey?

Needs packages

One of the services we offer is an I.T. Needs Analysis Survey. Of course, it sounds like a great title but what is it and why would you need it?

Let me paint a picture and see if you tick any of your boxes.

  • You started your business/ organisation and had the basic kit. You had a laptop or desktop and a printer. Internet connection and you were off.
  • You then needed space for all the documentation and files you were creating, email that worked and a web presence and social media presence. (As the need arose you bolted it on, with little regards to any real structured plan.)
  • You were successful and busy and took a partner on. Bought the laptop they needed and you both now had mobile phones. On two networks as needs must.
  • Storage has been drop box as you had heard everyone talking about how good it was.
  • You bought into office 365 so you could have office and pay a lump sum per year for this. (No idea or concept if the One Drive space available to you and other online cloud benefits. You just needed office.)
  • You now have an admin person and, yes you bought a laptop and they are up and running. Also another user for Office 365.

Does this all seem familiar? I have come across it often and some companies have no I.T. usage and renewal plan. They don’t know what they could be accessing and how they could benefit from more collaboration and become more productive.

What the above scenario now has is a working office with the following: –

  • 3 laptops at different ages. Different specifications and no policy for replacement and needs of users.
  • Access to online information in Dropbox and maybe other storage. Where they actually pay for one drive space. They could be using and accessing from anywhere.

Have they even considered the following items: –

  • GDPR
  • Email usage
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Internet Acceptable Usage
  • Network Acceptable Usage
  • Confidential Data
  • Password Policy
  • Third Party Connection
  • Physical Security
  • ICT Hardware Procurement/renewal
  • Hardware Inventory

See how can we help?

We can come in and look at what the current situation is and what you and your staff are trying to do and if it is being done in the most productive way. (Considering the tech that is currently available.) We then have three packages that we can offer, depending on your budget: –

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Each package can be escalated to the next level if need be. Then can be checked out here on our website with downloadable pdf for each package. I.T. Needs Analysis.

What one of client’s said

“We contacted Ian as we felt he could give us an honest steer on how we need to take forward our ICT goals. I am very happy to recommend Ian. He clearly outlined what he would be doing for us and then went on to deliver this in an effective and efficient manner, finding out problems that we were unaware of and have been able to solve.

He was happy to work with us to meet our requirements and he has provided clarity on how we might deliver our ICT strategy into the future. Thank you, Ian.”

The first step

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