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Time to Embrace Technology

storage and backup

Here is our short video in response to a Federation of Small Business survey done this year. This is how we can help small business embrace technology.

What scares you about using the cloud?

The nature of computing over the last few years has gone one way and one way only and that is to drive users on the cloud. The software is now offered as a service and machines locally are less powerful with less storage, as your storage is not local anymore and is on the cloud …

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Well that just gets my backup!

storage and backup

Let us look at backup and if and when we do it and is it as relevant today as it was in the past. In the past when computers were stand alone on the home and a small workgroup in offices there was a need to back up all your precious important files. If the …

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Promotional Video

Honeycomb Vent

We have saved a copy of our promotional presentation. Check it out here and get in touch.

SharePoint Training and Consultancy

We are prepared to launch a selection of SharePoint course from Administrator level down to end user. Courses range from a 5-day course to a one day course. Here is a table of what will be on offer, if any are of interest get in touch and we can arrange a chat and a course to …

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Project Management Consultancy and Training

project manage

I offer a range of training and assistance in the areas of Project Management. From the Introduction to the whole world of Project Management to the collaborative use of software to aid and create plans that are flexible and easy to use. Check out the website section of Project Consultancy and Training, then get in touch. You have …

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