Hello everyone

It is after much consideration and regret we have to announce that after the 31st January 2017, IT Turning Point will no longer be trading. We will be meeting our obligations up to this point and honouring any commitments after this point, but taking no new commitments during this period.

Due to circumstances outside of our immediate control we have been forced to stop trading and would like to recommend our professional trusted associates to you as a replacement contact for the areas you need training, as follows: –

Management and Professional Development

Margaret Johnston

Newleaf Associates

IT (office courses)

Jennifer Lindsay-Finan

River Park Training

01250 770770

SharePoint Training and Consultancy

Lisa Foster

Blackbird Corporate Ltd

CIPS Training Courses

Richard Aitchison

Richard Aitchison Associates

01324 403245

HR Related Training and Consultancy

Julie Sullivan

Young and Partners

Quality Systems and Management (ISO9001)

Eileen Baird

Quality System Scotland

We would like to take this opportunity to say to our existing clients a massive thank you for your time and business and support over the companies existence and we wish you all the very best for the future. We would also like to take this opportunity to apologise if this has caused any problems to any of our clients or potential clients.

If we were talking to you with regard to training and consultation and the above associates do not cover the training element, please get in touch as we are still monitoring emails and will respond as soon as possible to any enquiry for help and assistance.

Once again all our best wishes and regards.

The Management of IT Turning Point.