Microsoft Project Plan Assistance (MPPA)

Product Description

I am a trainer in the effective use of Microsoft Project to various industry areas but have found that some clients have asked for additional support at their premises to enable them to build an effective project plan. Particularly a plan that is needed in a hurry.

With this in mind let us ask you the following questions: –

  • Do you need a Project plan built professionally?
  • Do you need an existing programme looked at to see why it won’t work correctly?
  • Are you struggling to get MS Project to do what you want?
  • Has a client asked for the project as a project plan and you don’t know where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then I am here to help, my mantra is all about Creating Turning Points with my clients enabling them to do work quicker and faster and to fully understand what they are doing.

  • With MPPA I am sure that you will get the results you desire and literally be doing things differently.
  • I can come and sit with one or a few members of staff and go over a project plan with them or create a new project plan.
  • Each situation will be evaluated beforehand and an agreement made on the way to progress.

Product Benefits

The Product will provide delegates with:

  • Improved project planning and management
  • Improved utilisation and management of resources
  • Enhanced communication capabilities and more productive progress meetings
  • Greater control of tasks, costs and resources associated with projects
  • Will aid the management of documentation relevant to projects

Product Objectives

This Product MPPA is flexible and each situation and plan will be evaluated prior to the start and priced accordingly. I am here to help you get the best for your business and to build and help in the building of effective Microsoft project plans.


There should be a need for a professional MS Project plan and/or the need for a staff member to build such a plan. (See Microsoft Project Training for actual courses in setting the plan up correctly in the first place.)

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