Introduction to Project Management Training

Project Management is one of the most important roles in any organisation and the function of the project manager is rarely an easy one. This course takes the attendees through the basics of project management. Looking at its history to the areas that need to be handled and thought through when designing and carrying out a project of any size. Have you assessed all the risks? What if there are changes to the original plan? How do we cope with problems? We will touch on all these areas, with some exercises to do to keep us thinking it all through.

Our Trainer Ian Thomson has been training Project Management for over 10 years in various industries from the oil industry, construction to manufacturing. If you think you aren’t a project manager then think again. We all manage projects in one way or another.

This course is suggested as a forerunner to attending the “Turning Point in Microsoft Project Course”.

Training CourseDurationPrerequisites
Introduction to Project Management2 DayNo prior knowledge is needed prior to attending this course, but it would be an advantage if the attendee was working in the area of project management, or embarking on such a career move. (Two-day course slowly looking at Project Management and all the issues involved)
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