I.T. Usage/Renewal Policy and Cyber Essentials

IT renewal policy
I.T. Usage Policy

As a small business, can I ask you a question? Do you have an I.T. Usage Policy?
A policy about how staff use equipment and how equipment is looked after, maintained and replaced.
We are asked often about creating a policy for a client and including what is relevant to them.
The good news we can do this and have created a master policy that can be adapted for your business type and usage.

You need to consider the following areas and we can advise and guide you in these areas and how each area may affect your use of IT equipment. Let us do the leg work and thinking. Fill out the contact form using the link below or the contact us button.
Things we consider are as follows: – 

  • GDPR
  • Email
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Internet Acceptable Usage
  • Network Acceptable Usage
  • Confidential Data
  • Passwords
  • Third-Party Connection
  • Physical Security
  • ICT Hardware Procurement
  • Hardware inventory

We also offer a chance for one of our tech guys to come in and fill in the Cyber Essentials questionnaire for you and help you apply for Cyber Essentials Security Accreditation. So don’t waste time and get in touch.

If this is a subject you keep putting on the back burner or haven’t considered, then get in touch and we can have a chat and take it forward with you. Use our Contact Form on the website

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