I.T. Support Packages

I offer a range of I.T. support packages to meet the widest company setups.

I.T. Turning Point has increased our offering and can now offer Sole Trader or smaller organisations IT support packages for anything from one PC or Laptop up to 250 devices.

The level of support will depend on what your system is like and what devices you are using. So, one of our IT survey appointments will be needed. (Small cost for this feature). This can be done for smaller, Sole Traders, via a ZOOM chat if that suits best. We would then send a proposal for IT to cover your specific needs at a cost that hopefully isn’t prohibitive. On a monthly contract basis.

What you will have access to: –

  • 6 I.T. Support Professionals
  • I.T. Support Software we install and use to troubleshoot your systems
  • 6 Hours Maximum response time
  • Basic Backups for some of your data
  • On-site support at call-out charge, for smaller businesses. (Large organisations can select this as an option and pay a larger monthly fee.)

What does this mean for you: –

  • Peace of mind that your crucial systems are covered
  • Remote support within 6 hours of registering the fault
  • Dedicated Tel number to report problems
  • 6 I.T. Support Professionals to help
  • All at a low monthly cost

Can you spare 5 minutes to watch this video?

So, what next?

Get in touch via our Contact form and we will get back to you to arrange a date to chat over your system and needs. (Small cost for this feature). We will then generate a price that reflects your needs with a full explanation of costs and support.

What have you to lose, nothing, what have you to gain, peace of mind and knowing support is a phone call away.

Get in touch now!